We recently ran across this video of the last day of school at Boca High in 1987 (we believe thats Boca Raton High School in Florida) and it sure brings back a lot of memories. No, we didnt graduate from high school in the 80s but we do remember the cars from back then as well as the poofy bangs and other goofy fashion trends. This video brings back so many memories and should be educational for kids today.

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As the kids leave the high school parking lot, we cant help but notice the mix of cars. Theres not a single crossover since those werent a thing back then. Instead, old land yachts from the previous two decades are mingled with econoboxes and American muscle. There are plenty of Camaros as well as a few Mustangs driven by teenagers.

So many of the kids are managing a stick shift as they pull up to the camera and say something into the wired microphone. See, kids, your parents had to work three pedals and a shifter, plus they probably changed their own oil and knew where the air filter was located. Your struggling with recording the perfect TikTok is, in fact, pathetic.

Some of the kid and vehicle combinations are hilarious. For example, you have Mr. Joe Cool in his new Mustang 5.0, which just fit so many of the stereotypes for the time. Contrast that with the kid wearing a white shirt with a pocket protector loaded up with pens who isnt driving a Gremlin or Honda like you would expect, but instead is behind the wheel of a Camaro.

Our favorite is the kids riding in the back of the pickup truck. We never see that anymore but have fond memories of bouncing around in payloads on the way to fun activities, all without the burdens of worrying about every last danger in the world.

Too many kids these days are too sheltered and we wonder why they suffer from anxiety. Perhaps putting the smartphone down, learning to drive stick, and maybe even poofing those bangs out while listening to some White Snake would do them some good. They actually had their drivers license and went places, instead of spending all their time online in some virtual world. These kids sure seemed to be having a blast.