We’re old enough to understand why people used to wonder if bad drivers got their license out of a Cracker Jack box. It seems like poor driving skills are multiplying these days for whatever set of reasons. But footage of this freeway accident in Minnesota just has us shaking our heads in disbelief.

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Someone stopped on the left shoulder by the center divider on the freeway. Part of the problem was the shoulder looks to be about two, maybe three feet wide, so this person’s crossover was mostly in the HOV lane. Parking in the middle of any lane on the freeway is a recipe for disaster.

Perhaps realizing this, the person decides to move to the shoulder on the right. We honestly avoid parking even there on the freeway because accidents still happen, but if you absolutely can’t reach an off-ramp that’s usually your best bet.

The problem is this crossover driver decided to cut across the lanes of traffic at a snail’s pace as cars were approaching. Maybe this individual was suffering a medical episode, because short of that this was the most boneheaded thing we’ve ever seen.

A second crossover approaching in the right lane fails to notice the other vehicle slowly cutting across the lane until it’s too late. While the person who was traveling from the one shoulder to the other wasn’t exactly being safe, you still have to be watching ahead for possible hazards. After all, debris, disabled vehicles from a crash, or anything else could be in your lane and you need to leave enough time to react.

Off-camera, the two crossover crashed, the one that failed to see the turtle-pace driver flipping onto its side. So not only do we get to see questionable driving skills, we also see how crossovers are more likely to flip in an accident.

Remember, don’t stop on the freeway if you can help it, but if you must then pull onto the shoulder and completely out of the lanes of travel. Also, always be aware of your surroundings, including hazards further down the road. Finally, don’t get your driver’s license from a Cracker Jack box or TikTok or wherever people are getting them these days.