The modern Dart is so pathetic it can’t even run from the cops right.

Aside from a few diehard fans, most people have tried to forget the modern Dodge Dart was ever a thing. It’s been completely upstaged by its older siblings which have piled on with quite a few impressive top-end models worthy of enamoring enthusiasts. Still, those few Dart fans seem unable to understand why nobody respects their beloved vehicle. Today we bring a key piece of evidence in the form of a police chase in Arkansas.

And here we have the pathetic future of Dodge muscle.

Yet again, we don’t endorse anyone running from police, but if you’re going to try it at least have the right vehicle for the job. As you’ll see, a Dodge Dart is far from the correct choice for trying to smoke the cops. That little gerbil engine can’t produce enough power to get even that little sedan moving quickly enough to make the chase the least bit challenging.

The Arkansas trooper has no problem keeping up once the driver of this Dart decides to make a run for it. Initially the trooper tried pulling him over because the license plate came back as possibly stolen, so fleeing pretty much confirms the suspicion.

In desperation, the suspect runs a red light and almost causes a big collision. Since the trooper isn’t stupid or crazy, he doesn’t just blast through alongside the guy. That gives the Dart a little bit of cushion, but that distinct taillight makes spotting him easy enough.  

However, yet again we have a great example of how drivers don’t pull over when they see emergency lights and/or hear an emergency siren. That slows the trooper down as he has to ensure he doesn’t cause any accidents. Bet the ASP critics bandwagon will ignore that and continue to say they’re always incredibly reckless and should be neutered so criminals can run free.

Because the trooper took into account the safety of the public, he didn’t end up catching the Dodge Dart. Had drivers been paying attention and pulling over like they should, this pursuit would’ve been over quickly enough. Instead, another cop is going to have to chase this suspect down, something which as long as traffic cooperates should be easy enough.