How several instances have you been hoping to drill a gap in a frame rail, overhead beam, or some other piece of metal that you just can&#8217t get a superior place on? And what if that metal is a little something tremendous hard like a hardened body or ultra thick tubing? In individuals cases you are heading to destroy your self and drill bits, making an attempt to use a regular drill. But if you have a mag drill, it&#8217s a mobile drill press that will manage almost any job. And since it holds alone firmly in position, you can use annular cutters instead of drill bits and they lower much a lot quicker and cleaner.

A Mag Drill is effective by using an electromagnet to hold the foundation of the drill push where ever you put it. With a flip of the switch you can lock the foundation in spot and then use the leverage of the drill press manage to place all the electric power into drilling holes somewhat than keeping the drill up. When you use just one, you will ponder how you at any time lived with no just one in the initially position.

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