I’ve talked a lot about American Made products here on BANGshift for years, but have become pretty vocal in the last two years about crap being crap and quality being quality, regardless of where it is made. I’ve bought American Made products and materials that were excellent quality, and products and materials made in other countries that were also excellent quality. But conversely, I have bought crap products and materials from both the United States and other countries. But for the sake of this blog item, and the video below, let’s say that we’re only talking about good tools. That doesn’t mean equal, because some are going to be better than others, but still good. Not crappy products.

In that case, is American-Made a requirement for your tool purchases? Or is it just an option you like to have available? If it is an option, what makes you want to choose that option? And is there a price point or something that is the breaking point? In other words, do you have a price that you are willing to spend and if something Made in the USA is available at that you’ll go for it, but if there isn’t something available at the price you’ll buy an import?

And does the country am imported tool is made in matter to you? Or do you consider all imports the same? Does Taiwan rank higher than China? Or are European companies ahead of anything Asian?

We want to hear from you. So let us know in the comments below and we’ll follow up.

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