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Tornado Debris Almost Takes Out Storm Chasers

Scary footage out of Oklahoma shows the moments when two storm chasers are driving towards a tornado when a large chunk of debris lands in the road right in front of them. This is the sort of thing you really can’t prepare for but will have to act quickly if and when it happens.

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The storm chasers at first weren’t sure if the cloud formation down the highway from them was in fact a tornado. You can see in the cellphone video it’s dark and thus difficult to see much. But a lighting flash in the sky reveals it is a tornado.

Excited, the storm chasers drive closer, but seemingly out of nowhere, a big white chunk of something, we’re assuming a building, lands in the road right in front of the car. The cameraman didn’t exactly hold the phone steady in that moment, which is understandable, so we can’t see exactly how the driver avoided what could’ve been a bad accident.

This was outside of Marieta, Oklahoma and shows why you always have to be on your toes when driving, especially and night and when there’s a tornado nearby. The powerful storms have been known to embed straw in concrete and fling large objects miles away, like this debris.

Fortunately, the storm chasers weren’t hurt and their car wasn’t damaged, at least as far as we can tell from the ABC7 report. However, two did die in recent tornados which have been ripping across the Midwest section of the US with many homes destroyed and livelihoods in devastation.

We always hate to see destruction and suffering, especially on this scale, and urge people to stay off the roads and seek adequate shelter during storms, because these storm chasers got lucky.

Image via ABC7/YouTube

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