Ex-Armed service vans can be had for fair rates all above the entire world and in every single configuration you can picture. 4&#2154, 6&#2156, 8&#2158 and much more. These things are constructed to be bulletproof, occasionally virtually, and they have the drivetrain and suspension to take care of just about anything at all. So when we see a 4&#2154 or 6&#2156 Unimog or Stewart Stevenson that has been converted for civilian use, specially to be an RV, I&#8217m all in. I&#8217d enjoy to own some thing like this and this a single is Truly posh and nice.

Yep, this is a comprehensive time traveling household that is as luxurious as they come. Check out the complete characteristic video below.

Video clip Description:

A wander by way of of 1 remarkable 6&#2156 armed service auto that has been reworked into a plush total time vacation house! This Stewart Stevenson is all set for just about everything apart from very low clearances&#8230 but who cares when you&#8217re residing in luxury.

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