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Veteran Fired Up After Thieves Take His Customized Camaro

A small suburb of Houston, Deer Park, was recently hit by car thieves who went after high-end vehicles all in one night. Among them was a customized, limited-edition Chevy Camaro owned by military veteran James Fuller. The man is fighting mad after a car he poured tens of thousands of dollars into modifications was stolen with apparent ease.

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The only thing Fuller found of his beloved muscle car was the window the thieves broke and removed. A neighbor’s surveillance camera apparently caught the theft, which sounds like it took almost no time at all.

Fuller is perplexed since his car alarm was set and he believed the Camaro was safe in his driveway. He thinks a device his landscaper found in his yard afterward might be a clue about some technology the thieves used.

We think he’s likely right. Car theft rings seem to have “cracked the code” on boosting Camaros with ease. That’s why Camaro theft rates have soared in places like Los Angeles and there’s a class action suit proposed by some owners who feel GM didn’t address a security flaw.

It’s a sad truth, but you can’t entirely rely on the factory security system in pretty much any vehicle these days. Also, parking inside your garage, especially at night, is a much safer bet. That not only keeps your ride out of sight, it adds an extra layer of security, particularly if you physically lock the door so it can’t be opened from outside.

Two other vehicles, both quite expensive, were stolen on the same night in Deer Park. Police believe all three were taken by the same group of criminals.

Remember, thieves want your car, especially if it’s expensive. Do everything you can to secure it and use an aftermarket tracking device on it, too.

Image via ABC13 Houston

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