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Veteran’s 1973 Buick Riviera Stolen Out Of Ohio Backyard

A military veteran and former firefighter is hurting after someone stole his beloved 1973 Buick Riviera out of his backyard. We’ve highlighted similar stories before and it’s obvious car thieves have zero appreciation for people who have helped preserve their freedoms.

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The theft happened in Toledo, Ohio sometime during the night of May 1 and was discovered on the morning of May 2. The guy sounds heartbroken in an interview with WTVG and we can hardly blame him. After all, it’s easy to get attached to a vehicle, especially one that’s nothing like what’s made today.

Todd Young, the victim in this case, bought the Riviera off someone about five years ago. He’s kept good care of the classic car, which he says only has 84,000 on the odometer. We’re sure he would love to get this one back in one piece.

Young says he’s a lifelong “car nut.” The man has several other rides stored in his garage and under tarps in the backyard. But for some reason thieves decided to go after the Buick. He thinks the thieves used a tow tuck to haul the classic car away.

The man hasn’t lost hope, which is why he’s getting the word out through local media. We want to help him spread the news even further since we know thieves oftentimes will take stolen cars to a different region, especially when they’re a little unique and thus easily recognized.

Still, Young also thinks it’s possible the thieves will have a change of heart once they hear this story. It would be nice if they just returned the car, but that’s not always how these cases turn out.

This is another great reminder that if you have a car collection or even one beloved ride, having extra security on the cars, surveillance cameras, and trackers can help if someone does decide to help themselves to your stuff.

Image via WTVG 13abc Action News/YouTube

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