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Virginia Cop Injured During Street Takeover

A police officer was injured during an illegal street takeover event held in Fairfax County, Virgnia and now consequences are coming. While four people were slapped with charges over the incident, the county police chief vows to snuff out street takeover events once and for all.

Man brutally attacked during street takeover event.

The chaotic takeover event held in Springfield, Virginia in the early morning hours of March 31. Dashcam footage from the first officer on the scene shows the takeover staged in an industrial area. Many of the participants who advanced on her squad car had their faces and heads covered.

When the crowd surrounded the first responding officer’s vehicle, some of them reportedly tried opening her doors. Thankfully she kept them locked, but we’ve seen this kind of behavior towards cops arriving at street takeovers before.

As a second police car shows up on the scene, the crowd becomes more agitated and aggressive. Some of them slap their hands on the cruiser’s hood, almost like they’re daring the officer to run them over.

At one point a person walked over the hood of a police car. Others picked up orange cones, pointing them like they were guns. From their behavior, it’s obvious no matter the age of the streeting takeover participants they’re emotionally all children.

Police apparently didn’t disclose how one officer was injured, only saying the injuries were minor. Still, the dashcam footage shows the crowd was ready to fight and it sounds like a few followed through on that threat.

As reported by Fox 5 Washington DC, a 20-year-old man was charged with assaulting a police officer. Two 18-year-olds were charged, one for hitting a police officer with their vehicle and another for hitting a police cruiser with their vehicle. They didn’t say what the fourth person was charged for.   

At a press conference, Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis called the actions of the crowd “thuggish behavior” and said the community can’t deal with takeover events like this one all the way until the fall. He’s putting in a plan to have a stronger, more prepared response to future takeover events.

We applaud any municipality, government, or state which moves to end street takeovers or sideshows in their jurisdiction. They’re a plague and need to be eradicated.

Image via Fox 5 Washington DC/YouTube

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