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Washington Sheriff Invests In High Tech Pursuit Gadgets

We still can’t believe how few people know about some of the latest police pursuit technologies, considering some have been out for a few years. But adoption in that area seems to move slowly, as does public awareness. But with another law enforcement agency looking to invest in the gadgets, a little bit more attention is being paid.

Watch police use Tire Terminators to stop a chase before it even starts.

This time around it’s the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office in the state of Washington which is looking to beef up its pursuit technologies as state laws relax on police chases. Sheriff Sanders spoke with Fox 13 Seattle about what he hopes to outfit at least a few cruisers with, likening the gadgets to how the radio helped revolutionize policing.

First up is the Grappler Bumper, an invention we’ve seen used to great effect in the real world. The sheriff is looking to put ten on them on cars soon, although exactly when wasn’t specified.

What’s great about the Grappler Bumper is it can stop a fleeing suspect cold. The big drawback is cost, which is probably why only ten will be put into use to start.

The other item are the sticky GPS darts we’ve also seen used effectively in other parts of the country. Reportedly, the department already purchased those, which allow deputies to fire a dart at a fleeing car, then track it remotely using GPS.

Departments have used these darts to avoid chasing suspects in heavy traffic or high-risk areas. Of course, they don’t work when dealing with violent offenders who pose an immediate threat to the public, but for car thieves and similar criminals, they can be the perfect tool.

Many times, suspects don’t even realize they’ve been stuck with a tracking device until it’s too late.

Sheriff Sanders says he’s possibly interested in trying out other cutting-edge policing gadgets to see if they make a difference. Of course, the ultimate test is whether these inventions result in captures, not just how cool they look.

Image via Fox 13 Seattle/YouTube

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