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Watch A BMW Give Cops The Slip

We would’ve thought the private roads around a hospital would be one of the worst places to try running from police. After all, you can’t get going all that fast, probably worse than in residential areas, and the low curbing plus little vegetation makes it easy for pursuing police to spot you.

Tesla driver deemed psychotic.

But somehow this suspect in a BMW crossover not only leads Arkansas police on quite the little chase, he’s able to give them the slip. He’s not in an M5, 550i, or anything else red hot like that, so pulling off such a feat is just that much more impressive.

A lot of the chase is at low speeds and this guy puts on his turn signal. With BMW drivers famous for not signaling, plus this being a police pursuit, that’s just doubly weird. We’ve seen it before but it always makes us laugh.

The first really brilliant move our suspect makes happens after he gets out on the actual road and opens up that throttle. He uses the superior handling of his Bimmer to stick a turn at higher speed just as the cop is catching up, who can’t make the turn in time.

This gives the suspect a little more breathing room as he heads back toward the hospital. Eager to catch up, the trooper goes into a curve too hot, loses control, and hits the curb. This isn’t a shining moment for Arkansas State Police.

With a commanding lead, the guy is able to take some turns and completely lose the trooper. But the cop isn’t done searching as he drives around the hospital area, we guess realizing the suspect for whatever reason seems to keep gravitating to it.

But the suspect seems to be long gone.

Do you think the trooper should’ve been able to keep up with the BMW?

Image via Police Pursuits videos/YouTube

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