What a beautiful PIT!

It’s been a bit since we’ve featured a well-executed, high-speed PIT maneuver by one of our favorite law enforcement agencies to watch on YouTube, Arkansas State Police. While there are plenty of detractors of ASP online, we’re often amazed at how well-composed troopers are in high-speed, incredibly dangerous pursuits like this one.

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The incident in question went down back on July 8, 2023 with a call coming out for support chasing down a suspect in a white Dodge Challenger which had just been stolen. Trooper Michael Ellison quickly took the lead as the Mopar charged down the highway, weaving through fairly heavy traffic in an attempt to lose the fuzz.

With some law enforcement agencies a chase like this would’ve been called off and deemed too risky. We have little doubt had that been done, this Challenger would’ve been chopped up into little parts quickly, the husk discarded somewhere.

Instead, Trooper Ellison is able to navigate the traffic and consistently gain ground on the suspect. The way he wove through cars and even drove down the shoulder without issues is a testament to ASP training and experience.

After a bit, traffic clears up and the trooper starts to set up for a PIT. Avoiding a few cars strung out beyond the traffic glut, he sees the opportunity and seizes it, doing the TVI at 114 mph, all without flipping the suspect’s car or spinning out of control himself. This was beautifully executed and perhaps will be studied by law enforcement later for training.

From there are few surprises, with the skinny, young suspect hopping out of the car like a scared jackrabbit, dashing across the highway, and trying to get away while using the vegetation as cover. The only problem is law enforcement is right behind him, so his foot pursuit is short-lived and ASP gets its man once again.