One thing regular people perhaps dont comprehend is when police officers leave for work each day, theyre not entirely sure if theyll return. The sad fact is far too many are killed in the line of duty, and it can come when an attack is least expected. This chase with a fleeing suspect in a BMW 545i is a perfect example.

Watch a BMW 550i run circles around police.

When we first join our camera car, which is a Georgia State Patrol unit, the trooper is sitting on the side of a highway as he waits to see if a pursuit makes it to where hes set up. You can hear hes a little bored with the wait, but things get exciting soon enough once the Bimmer blasts past and two deputies are in hot pursuit.

The chase is in wet conditions at high speeds, with the amount of water getting sprayed onto the troopers windshield increasing. Hydroplaning is a real concern but so is letting the suspect get away. We learn later that this person constituted a threat to the public since he was armed and willing to use deadly force.

Eventually, the suspect gets off the highway but fails to make a right turn, instead running the 545i over a small island. With the Bimmer disabled, the guy decides his only way out isnt running anymore but instead through a hail of bullets.

In the troopers report, its clear he at first didnt know for sure what the suspect was up to. But once the guy opened fire the trooper and other cops on the scene were obliged to return fire. Thankfully, no law enforcement officers were hit, but the suspect was and had to be transported to the hospital.

Its crazy to see how quickly a chase turns into a gunfight. Police always have to be ready for anything.

Image via State Boyzzz/YouTube