Don’t steal cop cars.

The last thing any police officer should do after arresting someone for leading them and their colleagues on a long, dangerous chase is to give that suspect access to a police car’s front seat. Yet that’s exactly what police in Otero County, Colorado did in what we understand is officially referred to as an “oopsie” in law enforcement circles.

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The footage, which was obtained and shared by The Denver Post, shows the final resolution of a suspect in a Subaru Forester of all the dorky options (hey, it’s Colorado) getting the PIT from and officer with the assist from a police captain.

We learn later in the video this suspect allegedly rammed an innocent bystander’s car intentionally and hit a few others, we guess not intentionally, while running from law enforcement. Multiple agencies were involved in this chase, so there are quite a few cars with their emergency lights running sitting at the scene.

It seems like the captain and everyone else is really eager to throw this guy in the back of a patrol car. Thankfully they did pat him down and took items he might use as a weapon or to free himself. They even had the suspect take off his shoes before leaving him in the cruiser. The only thing they forgot was to shut the partition window between the backseat and the front seats.

Like that weird creature thing that could slither through heating ducts and floor grates in that one old X-Files episode, this suspect is able to get through that tiny opening and into the front seat. Since the car is left running, all the had to do was throw it in gear and suddenly he has five stars in GTA. That was easy!

The captain and everyone else has some choice words when the police cruiser suddenly takes off, most of those words starting with an F. Of all the things they didn’t want to happen at that moment, this was surely up there.

Nobody on the scene seems too eager to take off and chase this guy down again. It’s kind of like cleaning the whole house for your kids to mess it up in half an hour. But they do get going to chase down the stolen patrol car. Meanwhile, the suspect learns the joy of people moving out of the way of a marked cruiser. Then he figures out how to turn on the siren and really has some fun.

Smartly, the chief has the radio in the stolen police car disabled so the suspect can’t hear how they’re coordinating his second capture. That’s when the captain asks for “as many sets of Stop Sticks as you can get” to be deployed ahead of the stolen patrol car.

The suspect was able to swerve around the first set of Stop Sticks, but he almost put the car into a spin. The skinny little guy apparently has more wheel skills than we assumed before. That makes taking him down so much harder for police.

A trooper has the perfect deployment of Stop Sticks at a bridge with traffic pulled over on both sides. That funnels the suspect into a narrow strip. After he runs over the Stop Sticks he loses control, the charger running into the side of a flatbed semi. You can hear the suspect writing in pain and it’s one hundred percent his fault. After all, nobody made him steal the cruiser.

Who would’ve thought stealing a cop car would come with severe consequences? Not this guy. But on that day he learned an important lesson, maybe. Even if he did, the guy didn’t get to put that into practice because he died at the hospital. Should’ve just stayed put in the backseat!