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Watch Arkansas Police Chase A Stolen Car In The Pouring Rain

Superior training is how Arkansas State Police as a force is able to pursue suspects at high speeds in all kinds of conditions and more often than not catch their man. They do all that with few instances of innocent bystanders being hurt. This chase in the pouring rain helps show how that training helps ASP deal with the unexpected.

Watch a road rager get exactly what he deserves.

Instead of a rank-and-file trooper joining in to help Little Rock Police Department chase down a suspect in a stolen vehicle, we have Sergeant Monroe jumping in to assist. In other words, here’s a member of ASP who’s even more experienced than the average trooper.

Thanks to the heavy rain, the dashcam footage seems blurry as water keeps washing over the cruiser’s windshield. But that doesn’t keep the suspect from running nor does it keep the sergeant from pushing it well past 100 mph to play catchup.

Helping with the situation, traffic is light. Had it been busier on the road this pursuit would’ve been far riskier and more difficult to handle.

Before long, Sergeant Monroe catches up with the pursuing LRPD units, passes them, and becomes primary in the chase. Then he starts bearing down on the suspect, who acts fast to slip out of a PIT attempt.

But the sarge takes it all in stride, continuing to pursue the suspect like a dog, wearing him down and preparing to make another attempt. And it doesn’t take long for him to pull off a beautiful PIT the suspect doesn’t even see coming.

In departments where they don’t train often, this kind of a chase and PIT could’ve been a disaster. But for ASP it was just another day on the job.

Check it out for yourself.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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