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Watch Georgia Deputies Chase A 14-Year-Old Carjacking Suspect

Carjackings have become a serious issue in many cities and even more rural areas like Fayette County, Georgia. It was there that a Honda Accord was taken at gunpoint earlier in the day, the 14-year-old suspect leading deputies on a chase back on March 11. Now we have the dashcam footage.

Watch a victim successfully fight off three carjackers.

After spotting the car, investigators are able to get several vehicles in the area, both marked and unmarked. Even though the young teenager is surprised by authorities descending like that, he still gunned it, driving on busy streets as if he were in a video game.

Deputies try to safely pursue as the suspect has several close calls with other motorists while blasting down the median, getting dangerously close to oncoming traffic which includes school buses.

A chase like this poses a true danger to the public. While some might argue it should be terminated, having a 14-year-old with a gun who’s not afraid to use it on innocent victims also poses a real threat to the community.

As one might imagine, this 14-year-old isn’t the best at driving and that’s really exposed as he pushes the envelope. Speeding into a residential area, he takes out a stop sign, struggles to keep the Honda going straight, and almost gives the wheels on one side one hell of a curb rash.

Then he buys the farm, although not completely, jumping a curb while going through a turn. Driving in real life is a lot more challenging than in a video game, that’s for sure.

At this point anyone with sense would realize they’re caught and the only thing they’re doing is adding to the coming list of charges. Instead, this kid starts driving through front yards, a move we’re sure all the homeowners truly appreciate.

The kid is able to get back out of the housing development, but he can’t stick a right turn, slamming the Accord into a Cadillac Escalade, ending the chase himself. Sure enough, as he gets out of the Honda he tosses a gun, thankfully not trying to use it to go down in a blaze of glory.

Image via PoliceActivity/YouTube

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