A Michigan trooper was patrolling in Grand Rapids when he heard the call come out for suspects who attempted to rob several cell phone stores in the area. He recognized the vehicle and methods from several armed robberies at other cell phone stores, deciding to pursue the suspects and apprehend them.

Watch a cop wreck trying to catch a suspect.

We know some people just like to assume all police chases are over minor things like a seatbelt violation. But in this case the trooper was putting it on the line to stop suspects who posed a serious danger to the community.

In the dashcam footage, we see the trooper flip a U-turn and begin pursuing the suspects through traffic. With his lights and sirens going, there’s no chance the suspect driver was going to miss him.

Sure enough, the other driver starts going into evasive maneuvers, swerving in between cars, then running a red light, almost sideswiping another car. Instead, the suspect veers right to avoid the collision, putting the “rugged” nature of the little crossover to the test off the road.

Probably fearing the suspects would go somewhere other than back onto the street, the trooper follows them. It almost looks to be a sidewalk chase for a brief moment, but our armed robbery suspects decide pavement is better.

Still, the little Mazda is no match for the police cruiser and the trooper is on them like hair on a cat’s back. After the suspects make a turn, they slow down a little too much and the trooper is able to catch the back end of the crossover with his push bar, literally pushing it slightly to one side and then the other before making a full PIT maneuver.

Even though all the suspects bailed and ran away on foot, police were able to apprehend all of them. For at least a little while, cell phone store workers don’t have to worry about someone sticking a gun in their face.

Image via State Boyzzz/YouTube

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