This is a twofer video! For the price of one video you get a 1,438hp blown big block Chevy wailing away on the dyno and as the bonus you get to see the same engine violently run through what amounts to a simulation of the burnout competitions. At the time it ended up powering the famed Kranky Holden. It is interesting to think about how these engines get used. Unlike a drag racing engine that gets loaded down and worked to the end of the quarter mile, these things rarely have much of a load on them so they get kind of freewheeled up and down the rev range violently.

The engine builder gives the whole rundown of what’s inside this thing and there’s not a weak sister in the parts pile. The blower makes 7-8psi if we heard him correctly so the engine is certainly capable of making even more power with additional boost.

We love the video. We love the dyno test. We love the car this sucker is heading into. We love horsepower. That is all.

Watch this big block Chevy make 1438hp and then get run through the burnout sim –

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