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Wet Roads Factored Into Deadly California Crash

As winter gives way to spring and warmer temperatures, we know a lot of enthusiasts get their performance ride out of the garage. While you might be eager to really feel the power of your vehicle, we want to remind everyone that you need to be careful and drive appropriately for conditions.

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A driver in Los Angeles County, California paid the ultimate price and it’s believed wet roads were a contributing factor in the horrific crash. As captured by OnScene TV, the car slid out of control, possibly striking a tree or pole, tearing it in half.

When fire crews showed up to the scene, they declared the driver dead. It took a while for emergency crews to conclude there were no passengers in the vehicle, the wreckage was such a mangled mess.

In fact, we’re debating about what kind of car was crashed. There’s only the rear quarter panel which doesn’t look too beat up in the footage of the aftermath. The door is ripped off, mangled, and sitting on that portion of the vehicle. But we think it might be a Mustang. Or maybe it’s a two-door Accord?

There honestly aren’t too many visual cues to go on.

What’s truly important is someone lost their life on Easter Sunday and their family has to deal with that every year now. While we don’t know the details of the crash, it’s obvious the driver lost control. The fact the road was wet had to have played a part.

It’s also likely the car was going really fast, otherwise how else could it have been torn apart and deformed so severely? High speeds, sudden braking, turning, and slippery surfaces are a horrible combination.

As you’re out enjoying your hobby car, keep this is mind and drive appropriately for weather and other conditions.

Image via ONSCENE TV/YouTube

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