The Southeast Gassers Association puts on some of the most fun drag racing in the world. It’s an awesome series with old school gassers being driven like God intended and they certainly know how to put on a show. That’s why every single venue is packed with spectators and racers. We love this series and one of our favorite things are the names and characters that have been created by the owners, drivers, and teams. With the ladies of the Southeast Gassers Association also playing a big part in the starting line antics and the looks of the series, it’s a full team effort and we dig it.

Here is a new video from our friend Lee Craft, aka Monday Morning Racer, who shot a great feature video from Knoxville Dragway that is all about the A/Gas class. These are the heavy hitters and he not only catches the on track action, but also interviews and more. Check it out.

Video Description:

Gassers on Rocky Top! The Southeast Gassers Association race number 4 at Knoxville Dragway just north of Knoxville, Tennessee, was another weather trying event but nonetheless successful. SEGA competition is now at full song with their high revin’ and gear jammin’ action.

This is a full eliminations recap of the A/Gas category. They are 6 pounds per cubic inch period correct racing gassers that are the fastest and quickest in SEGA competition. You’ll see the cars and track and hear from them as Monday Morning Racer host Lee Craft showcases the wheel standing marvels.

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