When you ask folks what they are most hesitant about when it comes to an EFI installation, they usually say something about wiring and about tuning. Now that self tuning EFI systems are the norm, wiring becomes a big sticking point. It shouldn’t be, but we do understand why folks are worried about where they are going to run all the power and grounds they need. Worry no more, because this Power Distribution Module, is the savior you have been looking for. Making all your connections at the PDM, so that only one power and ground need to come from your battery, makes wiring simple. Check out the video below. And before you ask, yes you can use this on more than just a Sniper EFI install.

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Sniper’s Power Distribution Module (PDM) is a cost-effective option that allows you to isolate your EFI and ignition wiring into one, easy to use solution. It provides conditioned Power, Ground and Switched Connections for ALL components within a Sniper 2 EFI Install. Clean up that engine bay and simplify your next Sniper 2 install with a power distribution module from Sniper. To get your hands on a PDM or to learn more about Sniper 2 EFI, visit us at Holley.com

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