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Woman Doesn’t Survive Running From Arkansas Trooper

Pretty much everyone hates to be tailgated, and yet there are plenty of people who engage in the practice. Not only is it annoying, tailgating is dangerous for several reasons. But tailgating a semi-truck pulling a trailer is beyond stupid.

Chevy Silverado beats up on some cops.

That’s exactly why an Arkansas trooper started following a Ford Fusion as it traveled down I-40 through Crittenden County. After continuing to observe the car keep within a vehicle to a vehicle and a vehicle and a half’s length from the truck, you can see in the dashcam footage the trooper turns on his blue lights.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube
Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

But the female behind the wheel of the Ford doesn’t pull over. We know there are plenty of people who love making excuses for drivers not pulling over for police, but as this chase shows there can be serious consequences. And try as you may, blaming law enforcement for the decision to run isn’t logical.

After exiting the interstate, obviously seeing the trooper’s emergency lights, this driver decides to punch it and we guess attempt to lose the trooper. However, she’s outgunned by the Arkansas State Police cruiser considering her Fusion isn’t a performance vehicle.

Even if she were to be driving something faster, running from police is dangerous and risky.

Still, she for unexplained reasons is desperate enough to get away that she pushes the Fusion to over 100 mph on a dark rural road. The trooper attempts a PIT, but he only makes brief contact with the back driver’s corner of the Ford before it pulls away again.

The trooper gets on the radio as he’s going just over 100 mph and the Fusion is hauling down the road even faster, asking if it turns into gravel. The answer comes back that it does and soon. That’s not good.

Just like that little bit of foreshadowing, once the Ford sedan hits the gravel the driver loses control, rolling at high speed. She isn’t wearing a seatbelt, so she’s thrown from the car. Her passengers suffer minor injuries, thanks to their seatbelts.

Why don’t people just pull over for the police? No ticket is with your life.

Images via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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