Shocking bodycam and dashcam footage shows a woman back into a deputys cruiser in Columbus, Ohio, then take off. She later crashed and it was revealed not only were multiple people in the car, but so was a two-year-old child.

Some people just dont know when to give up.

The incident started on the morning of March 22 when the deputy was impounding a vehicle in front of a convenience store. The woman, who local news station WSYX indicates had nothing to do with the impounded car, was asked to move her vehicle so the tow truck could haul the other one away.

However, when she backed up, she hit the deputys cruiser. On the bodycam, it looks like the cruiser was quite a bit away from the parking spot the woman backed out of, so thats rather curious.

You can tell the deputy was a little annoyed, probably because he knew more paperwork was coming, but he didnt seem concerned about the woman running. She pulled over in front of one of the pumps and sat there for a bit, then suddenly took off.

The deputy gave chase for several blocks through Columbus until the woman finally failed to navigate a turn in the road, crashing into a bus stop and utility pole. In total, five people were in the car, including the two-year-old. They were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

20-year-old Raeshawa Pippen of Columbus was identified as the driver who fled the scene of the minor accident. In the bodycam footage, any damage done to the cruiser looked minimal.

It seems silly she ran for something so small. But WSYX reports deputies found a gun in the vehicle. However, authorities have stayed quiet about a possible motive, only saying more charges might be coming.  

Image via WSYX/YouTube

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