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Would-Be Carjacker Holds On For Dear Life As Victim Takes Off

With carjackings on the rise in so many areas, people are rightly scared to death of it happening to them. It was only a matter of time before we got dashcam footage like this of a would-be carjacker holding on for dear life as the intended victim speeds off.

See how a man outnumbered stopped a carjacking attempt.

This incident happened on Interstate 5 in Lathrop, California when the suspect, 40-year-old Juan Valdez of Manteca, fled from police after they responded to a domestic violence incident in the area.

During that chase, Valdez ditched his car and tried carjacking another vehicle. That’s when the intended victim hit the accelerator, a response, we can absolutely understand.

You can see in footage shared by The Telegraph that Valdez’s car was already badly damaged when he got onto I-5 southbound. One of his tires was deflated and when it came off the little Nissan, he almost lost control, careening over onto the right shoulder.

A line of cars was pulled over onto the shoulder after people heard the police sirens and that’s how Valdez was able to approach one, attempting to open the driver’s door. But has he yanked on the handle the driver pressed on the accelerator and the man didn’t let go.

In the footage, you can see Valdez try to swing one leg onto the vehicle so he isn’t dragged on the asphalt, but he can’t quite do it. The man then tries pulling his legs up and away from that danger, but it looks like he probably got at least a little road rash.

An officer rammed Valdez and shot him as the man continued putting up a fight.

The lesson here is don’t try carjacking people. Some won’t mess around and you’ll be hurting.

Image via The Telegraph/YouTube

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