LS ROLLER ROCKERS VS CAM SWAP-WHICH 1 Provides Extra Energy? HOW Significantly HP ARE 1.85 ROLLER ROCKERS Really worth?

Rocker arms are significant fewer operate to substitute than a camshaft, even on an LS engine which is a whole lot less complicated to cam swap, so if they are well worth the same electrical power as a camshaft then why not just do the rocker arm swap? Richard Holdener is heading to do cam swap vs rocker arm swap screening in the video down below, so examine it out and see if a rocker arm swap is what you want, or if you must just go straight to the cam swap.

Online video Description:

DO ROLLER ROCKERS Increase Energy? Complete DYNO Final results ON LS ROLLER ROCKER Upgrades. HOW Substantially Electrical power DO THEY Increase TO AN LS MOTOR? ARE ROLLER ROCKERS A Good Enhance? HOW DO ALUMINUM ROCKERS Review TO A CAM SWAP? HOW Much Energy IS A CAM Worthy of? CHECKOUT THIS Video The place I RAN 3 Different MOTORS, THE 1st WITH A Easy BTR TRUCK NORRIS CAM SWAP ON A 5.3L. Take a look at Range 2 Concerned Evaluating A Stock LM7 CAM TO AN LS7 CAM, THEN Demonstrating THE Outcomes OF 1.8 ROCKERS ON THE LS7 CAM. THE Remaining Check WAS TO DYNO Take a look at 1.85 ROCKERS As opposed to THE Inventory ROCKERS ON A 5.7L LS1, THEN Assess THE ROCKER GAINS TO A CAM SWAP (WITH Inventory ROCKERS).

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