WHAT ARE THE Most effective 4.8L Electrical power MODS? HEADERS vs CAM vs Consumption vs HEADS, CAM & Ingestion! Most 4.8L HP

There are tons of LS areas offered, and it has in no way been easier to develop actual horsepower, but which mods are the kinds you must basically shell out your funds on if you are hopping up a 4.8? Nobody wants to shell out funds on some thing that doesn’t make additional electric power right? So if that is the scenario, do shorty headers actually do something? Or ought to you only use them if they are the low-priced option for your swap? This video clip from Richard Holdener is all about the good mods that you can make to a 4.8L LS engine if you in fact want to make electricity.

Video Description:

HOW A lot Power ARE SHORTY HEADERS Really worth? HOW Much Electricity ARE Extensive TUBE HEADERS Truly worth? HOW Much Energy IS A CAM SWAP Worth ON A 4.8L? Should I Enhance THE TRUCK Ingestion ON MY 4.8L? WHAT Happens IF I Increase HEADS, CAM AND Ingestion ON A 4.8L? Check OUT THIS Movie IF YOU ARE Fascinated IN Earning MODIFICATIONS TO YOUR 4.8L LS MOTOR (Is effective ON 5.3L AND 6.0L As well). I In contrast Stock EXHAUST MANIFOLDS VS SHORTY HEADES AND Extensive TUBE HEADERS ON A Stock AND MODIFIED 4.8L TO Reveal THE Change IN Power ON Each and every COMBO. I ALSO In comparison THE Inventory VS BTR TRUCK NORRIS NSR CAM, Inventory TRUCK Consumption VS Fast LSXRT AND Shown THE GAINS Made available BY UPGRADING THE HEADS, CAM AND Ingestion.

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