In stock form, a race between a modern Shelby GT500 and C8 Corvette would be pretty exciting. While some might think the muscle car has an edge on the drag strip, the new Corvettes have proven themselves to not be pushovers by any stretch.

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Among enthusiasts, not everyone is a fan of forced induction, so this drag race between a twin-turbo C8 Corvette and a twin-turbo Shelby GT500 is going to make some people mad. The fact there’s a big debate about which is best, turbos or superchargers, only further complicates things since the GT500 from the factory comes with a blower. Yet here we are, both modern performance giants modified with a pair of exhaust-driven snails for a really interesting matchup.

In case you’re curious, the Shelby is running a Palm Beach Dyno CX1600R package. As for the C8 Corvette, it has a Cicio C900 package. People can argue the value of the two setups, and they can argue the virtues of a twin-turbo setup versus a single turbo or biturbo. There’s plenty to pick apart about both cars, and since they’re new to the performance scene we have many years ahead of tuners figuring out how to eek more power and help them to hook up better.

If you want to watch the video before knowing the results, skip this and go to the video now. The Shelby GT500 smokes the C8 Corvette, running a 9.421 quarter mile at 156.35 mph versus the Chevy’s 10.031 elapse time at 143.80 mph. Honestly, this wasn’t a huge surprise to us since the C8 Corvettes have posted some pretty meh quarter mile results, the Z06 included. They may be quick through turns, but straight-line acceleration isn’t where the current-gen Corvettes really shine. Then again, the outgoing Shelby GT500 carves through turns as well, so an autocross race between the two would be pretty interesting.

Image via YouTube