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Weve talked many times before about how people who have junky, underpowered cars and try running from police just look foolish. Running from cops is a bad idea, just to make that clear, but apparently if youre going to do it in a 30-year-old Ford Taurus, you might outrun the law and get away.

Nebraska woman took advantage of a glitch to steal over 7,000 gallons of gas.

Thats right, the old Ford Taurus has proven itself to be faster than a Dodge Charger Pursuit, at least on Arkansas unpaved backroads. We wouldnt have anticipated this outcome, so this is one video youre definitely going to want to watch.

Initially, the trooper spots the driver of the Taurus committing a seatbelt violation, which we assume means this person wasnt wearing a seatbelt. Since its an old car nothing will chirp endlessly if you do that, but apparently the police will chase you.

The suspect couldve just pulled over and taken the ticket, but something tells us theres a reason they dont. Maybe they have warrants, an expired license/registration, or drugs in the car?

Whatever the reason, this person finds a dirt road and goes for it. That might sound like a dumb strategy, but with mooshy suspension and being a general rattle can on wheels, the suspect can just fly down the uneven surface without any real consequences.

In the meantime, the troopers car sounds like the drawer of flatware has fallen on the kitchen floor over and over. The stiffer suspension and vehicle structure works great for blasting through turns on pavement, but that combined with all the crime fighting gear in the cruiser makes for one stiff, unpleasant ride on the dirt road at high speeds.

Plus, if youve lived where there are dirt roads you know that following behind someone puts you in their dust cloud, making it almost impossible to see whats ahead. All that works against the trooper and to our great shock, the Taurus gets away.

Image via Natural State Transparency/YouTube

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