While Teslas Autopilot woes have been all over in the news for some time, other automakers have also struggled with advanced driver assistance technologies. The latest example is a report about federal regulators digging into a fatal accident involving a Ford Mach-E possibly using BlueCruise or Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & go and Lane Centering Assist at the time.

Man in coma after classic car meet assault.

BlueCruise is Fords hands-free highway-driving assistance technology. The automaker advertises it as a way to reduce stress and driver fatigue on longer trips. The other driver assistance systems name is pretty self-explanatory.

Its not entirely clear if a Mach-E all-electric crossover driver was using either technology when it plowed right into the back of a Honda CR-V which was stopped in the road, as detailed out in a CNN report. Both the National Transportation Safety Board and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are investigating the case to see if they can uncover the truth.

The report from CNN mentions that the feds are looking into dozens of crashes where drivers were allegedly using advanced driver assistance technologies at the time. It mentions that the majority of those cases involve Teslas, however Cadillac, Genesis, and Volvo are also on the list.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently announced a new ratings program for partial driver automation systems. In its initial ratings, only Lexus Teammate system earned an acceptable score. Out of the other 13 systems tested, two were rated marginal and 11 as poor.

Thats not great news for self-driving enthusiasts but probably isnt surprising to many drivers who have tried using such technologies often. The brands which scored the marginal rating were GMC and Nissan. Ford, Genesis, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, and Volvo were in the poor category.

Image via Ford

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