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BMW Stolen And Torched In The UK

Residents who live near a recreation area in near Abingdon, UK were shocked when their peaceful Sunday evening was shattered by flames shooting out of a BMW in a parking lot. The vehicle had been stolen from a nearby home earlier, only for the thief to torch it.

Street takeover crowd torches a Corvette.

This seemingly senseless act was performed on March 3 and left residents stunned, reports the Oxford Mail. The mystery remained why anyone would steal a car only to burn it a few short hours later.

Thankfully nobody was hurt, but an image of the Bimmer taken by a resident the next day shows it was destroyed. Police called it a possible case of arson and from the looks of it we can see why.

There’s been no word since about the case being solved, although police have asked for witnesses and for nearby residents to check their surveillance footage. A vague description of a possible suspect in his 20s and with a slim build was also provided, but that’s about it.

Some have suggested the crime is more of a cover-up for insurance fraud. There’s nothing to indicate that’s that case, although we do know people have hired criminals to “steal” and destroy their car in the past.

Others believe it’s possible the BMW was used to commit another crime, possibly something violent, and was burned to destroy evidence. We’ve seen cases like that as well.

But the most disturbing theory is that someone stole the vehicle and burned it just for fun. What kind of a person would even do such a thing?

While this case seems to have gone unsolved, it’s a good reminder to take steps to secure your own vehicles. That includes having working cameras up, using a tracking device, and perhaps installing aftermarket security systems.

Image via Oxford Mail

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