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California Leads The Charge For Heavy-Handed Government Emissions Controls

A showdown is brewing over the unarguably restrictive new EPA tailpipe emissions rules as some cheer on the federal government and others push back, hard. Where people personally land on this issue probably has more to do with their view of the role of government behaving as a nanny/domineering parent and whether or not driving your car is really murdering polar bears.

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As reported by Reuters, California is leading the charge with 21 other states backing its push to support the new restrictions. These states filed a motion with the court, claiming they could suffer harm if the new restrictions aren’t put in place.

“California won’t sit back – we’re not going to watch radical Republicans put the profits of big oil over the health of our planet,” Governor Gavin Newsom is quoted as saying.

Isn’t it great that California can force other states to do what it wants all with the claim of harm? This probably won’t sit well with many since Californians have flooded other states, whining, complaining, and trying to reshape those communities in ways too long to list out here. There’s even a term for this – “Californication.”

On the flip side are 25 states, all of them characterized as “Republican-led” in the report, which have sued the EPA in a Washington, D.C. court over restrictions they say are beyond reasonable. They argue the move will harm the overall economy, push jobs overseas, and stress out an already overtaxed electric grid.

For its part, the EPA hasn’t been shy about stating the true purpose of the new regulations: to push at least a portion of consumers into buying EVs. Focusing on tailpipe emissions instead of manufacturing emissions or mining emissions allows electric cars to get the blessing of the government.

We’re all for having a free economy where the people decide what products they buy, with as few restrictions as reasonably responsible. But we know a lot of individuals, whether out of fear or some other motivation, really want to control others they think are doing bad things.

If things don’t change, your next car might be an EV and not because you really want one, but because you’ll be forced into the purchase. Totalitarianism is so hot right now.

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