The Corvette C5 Z06, a pinnacle of performance and engineering, stands as a testament to Chevrolet’s commitment to automotive excellence. Combining raw power with refined design, the Z06 is a modern classic revered by enthusiasts worldwide.

A Shift in Paradigm
Departing from its predecessor, the C4, the C5 introduced revolutionary advancements in both design and performance. A hydroformed box frame provided a robust structural foundation, while the integration of a rear-mounted transaxle assembly and LS1 engine via a torque tube ensured a perfectly balanced weight distribution for unparalleled handling. Initially boasting 345 hp, later upgraded to 350 hp, the LS1 engine propelled the Z06 to new s of performance.

Evolution of Excellence
The Z06’s debut in 2001 marked the revival of a legendary moniker, paying homage to its predecessor, the high-performance Z06 of the 1960s. Unlike the heavy, double-overhead cam engine of the ZR-1, the Z06 utilized a tuned version of the LS1 engine, designated LS6, delivering 385 hp. Chevrolet’s meticulous engineering enhancements, including uprated suspension, larger wheels and tires, and functional brake cooling ducts, maximized the Z06’s potential on the track and the street.

Unrivaled Performance
The Z06’s lightweight construction, weighing in at just 3,118lbs, coupled with its formidable power output, enabled blistering acceleration and precise handling. Factory stock figures for the 405 hp version showcased its capabilities, achieving 0-60 mph in a mere 3.9 seconds and conquering the quarter mile in just 12.4 seconds.

Commemorating Excellence
The 2004 Z16 Commemorative Edition elevated the Z06’s legacy with exclusive features such as a carbon fiber hood, polished aluminum wheels, and special paint color and striping. With only 2025 units produced, including 325 shipped overseas, the Z16 stood as a symbol of Chevrolet’s dedication to performance and innovation.


  • Engine: LS6 V8
  • Power Output: 385 hp (later increased to 405 hp)
  • Weight: 3,118lbs
  • Acceleration: 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds
  • Quarter Mile: 12.4 seconds

Corvette C5 Z06 Timeline:

  • 2001: Introduction of the Z06, featuring a tuned LS1 engine (LS6) producing 385 hp.
  • 2002: LS6 engine output increased to 405 hp with performance enhancements.
  • 2004: Launch of the Z16 Commemorative Edition, featuring a carbon fiber hood and unique design elements.
  • 2004: Production of the Z16 limited to 2025 units, including 325 units shipped overseas.

The Corvette C5 Z06 remains an icon of American automotive engineering, embodying the spirit of performance and innovation that defines the Chevrolet brand. With its legendary status secured, the Z06 continues to inspire enthusiasts and thrill seekers alike, cementing its place in automotive history.

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