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Deputy Chases Suspects Through Tennessee Backroads

One thing people notice when they see vintage dashcam footage of police chases from the late 80s and early 90s is just how tame they are compared to chases today. It’s no wonder considering even Hyundais and Kias dish out blistering acceleration and razor-sharp handling compared to almost all cars back in the day. But this chase through backroads in Tennessee is a little bit wilder.

Watch a Karen unload on a cop back in 1992.

The chase, which went down on April 3, 1994, started when Sequatchie County Deputy James Jackson saw a pickup truck that was weaving around aimlessly on the road. Turning on his lights and siren, he tried to pull it over but the suspect instead just kept on driving.

We get footage of part of the approximately ten minute pursuit, which does indeed start off predictably tame. However, things take a turn once the suspect veers off the road and onto an unnamed dirt trail in a desperate bid to ditch the deputy.

Deputy Jackson keeps up, the two trucks plowing first through the dirt and then into and through mud bogs. The windshield keeps getting splashed with mud and dirty water and the truck bounces around, making it hard at points to make out much of anything.

This keeps up for a while, but the suspect makes a poor choice and takes a line through the mud that buries his truck, completely immobilizing it. Deputy Jackson stops and orders both people in the other truck to put their hands up. It’s the end of a wild chase – or is it?

Just as it seems the whole situation has been resolved, the suspects don’t cooperate and try aruging with the deputy. Then the passenger jumps out of the truck, produces a gun, and begins firing at the deputy who in returns fire. Jackson hits the passenger three times while taking zero rounds himself.

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