How many times have you been working on your mini bike, go cart, motorcycle, or whatever and you find that you have a broken cable end. You know, the kind of cable that actuates the clutch, choke, or whatever. Or the throttle cable for your hot rod or race car! So you realize you need one, start trying to find one, and then ultimately realize that your dirt cheap mini bike needs a $50 cable to work again and you’re like WTF? But if you save some old cables, or buy a universal cable on the cheap, you can make your own ends for this sucker with just a couple of tools and some thought. In this video from SixtyFiveFord you’ll see how and just how easy it is to do. In fact, if you don’t live within a block of a store that carries what you want you probably can’t go buy one quicker than making one yourself.

Here’s how.

Video Description:

Throttle, Brake, clutch and so much more.

Stuff I used in the video: Inner Cables 1.5mm/1/16″ zinc coated steel: Instant start torch head: ACID plumbing flux: Solder 40/60 (60% lead) :

Some links are commissioned where I may make $0.02cents. But it’s all stuff I bought myself or identical.

FIY ABOUT SOLDER: Use a solder with high lead content. It is better for repairs but also a great electronics solder. If it has rosin core(hard to find without) it doesn’t matter, but you will need an Acid Flux(Zinc Chloride) for bonding to steel and oxidized metals. You can later use the solder for electronics only repairs with the built in rosin flux. You can use acid flux on electrical stuff(especially corroded/oxidized) but you have to clean it off after you’re done.

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