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Felon In Jeep Takes Georgia Police On High-Flying Pursuit

Footage of a chase involving a wanted felon in a stolen Jeep Grand Cherokee fleeing from Georgia State Patrol and local police in East Point has finally been released. We say finally because the high-flying pursuit that’s almost too wild to believe unless you see it went down way back on January 2, 2023. This guy really showcased the performance capabilities of the Jeep in the worst way possible.

Did a trooper pull over the wrong Dodge Charger? You be the judge here.

The chase starts off normal with multiple units chasing down the Grand Cherokee. Then to nobody’s surprise the suspect leaves the pavement behind and tries losing his pursuers behind. That doesn’t entirely work as two police cruisers try pinning him in, but the guy uses the Jeep’s power to wiggle out and the chase snakes through the city streets once more.

At one point, you see the Jeep Grand Cherokee literally flying through the air, landing hard in the parking lot of a Piggly Wiggly as one police cruiser hits it and a second joins in the dogpile. Police push the SUV sideways for some distance, showing they’re serious about getting this deadly threat off public roads. But the felon behind the wheel has no intention of giving up despite his getaway vehicle being battered and falling apart.

As he drives away, the cruiser we get the dashcam footage from does a hard PIT, spinning the Jeep around and into the road where more police await. The next time we see the suspect’s vehicle, it’s tangled up in wires as it’s rolling over a fallen utility pole.

Finally, the chase is done but a standoff ensues as officers draw guns and order the wanted felon out of the Jeep. He finally does and to watch one of the officers who looks like an ex-NFL lineman pick him up as if he were a ragdoll finishes one of the craziest police chases we’ve seen in some time. We’re sure the mess this felon made wasn’t fun for city employees to clean up.

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