So a single of the things I have been enraptured with through the winter season so much has been this significant assortment of previous journals that I was fortunate more than enough to acquire as a gift from the Kuntz relatives of ECTA racing fame. I have been doing my most effective to comb them for amazing tales, humorous things, and just exciting gearhead historical past in general. You&#8217ve found some of that stuff on the site now so I believed it was time to throw down outdated school and show you some advertisements and other junk from a collection of Motor Life journals I was combing as a result of the other day.

From the traveling inventory cars and trucks to the sawed in 50 % smaller block Chevy, Motor Existence was a journal that surely skewed to the new car or truck stuff but coated drag racing, Bonneville, and inventory car racing carefully on a thirty day period to month foundation. It was a typical car or truck magazine the likes of which doesn&#8217t truly exist any more. They even did stuff wit customs for a although which is interesting as very well.

These are advertisements and a few of exciting pictures thrown in for fantastic evaluate. The ads range from cool kinds that includes these luminaries as a young Eddie Hill to funny stuff like the total page 1961 Harley-Davidson ad that came extensive right before the enterprise&#8217s current &#8220terrible ass&#8221 imagery that they like to venture.

Go-karts, dragsters, AJ Foyt, Don Garlits, a blown Cadillac driven Italian sports car on its way down the strip, Jimmy Dolittle and Dr. Moss learning a 290lb WWII period &#8220turbosupercharger&#8221, new car advertisements from the likes of Ford, Chevy, Pontiac, and Chrysler, there&#8217s loads to search at in this vacation back more than a half century in automotive heritage! Get pleasure from &#8217em all.

Check out out these pictures beneath and you can simply click on them to increase!

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