In this update on the Iron Trap Garage 1938 Ford Convertible project, Matt and the crew are adding the hood trim and “shaving” the hood handle. This is an old hot rod build after all, so they are trying to finish it off like the original builder might have done back in the day. With the chop top, front and rear lowering job, new 331 Caddy for power, body mods, and a custom dual exhaust, this thing is looking and sounding right. There’s still a lot of good things to come on this project, but the recent bumper mods made a huge difference it looks overall and I’m sure the hood will help too.

In a previous videos we shared the 1938 Ford Convertible Hot Rod that the guys at Iron Trap Garage found stashed away in an old garage, gave a first wash, and discovered had a seized engine. But lucky for them, they had a bitchin 331 Caddy they scored that would work great after some firewall massaging. Then the rear axle to get some love cause this thing was not good, and they lowered the rear in the process. If you missed any of the previous videos in this series, use the link below to check them all out.

You have to think that if there are barn finds of all kinds that still show up today, not all of them are going to just be regular driver cars. What I mean by this is that some of them have to be hot rods too, right? I realize that you’d think most of the hot rods would keep being passed along, but I know I’ve got projects that haven’t seen the light of day in 10 years, so it is conceivable that this same thing could happen to other folks hot rods and that we’ll have barn find hot rods too. And that is exactly what happened with this 1938 Ford Convertible. It hasn’t been on the road since 1973 and is a hot rod that had an engine swap and more.


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