Building 500 horsepower with a junkyard LS will take extremely tiny operate, and presents big return on expense when it comes to smiles. When you increase an American Powertrain TKX 5-speed swap to the combine, you&#8217ve received a 7500 rpm as well as able adhere shift combo that will do crazy burnouts, run like a banshee and sound like a million bucks as well. I mean what&#8217s not to enjoy listed here? Check out the movie, get pleasure from the burnouts, and have some enjoyable becoming impressed.

Online video Description:

What takes place when you get a $300 shortblock, $500 heads, and slap in a cam kit? Massive HORSEPOWER! In this episode, Tony Angelo and the Continue to be Tuned crew thrash on Barb&#8217s sweet &#821764 Nova and set up a dirt low cost junkyard 6. LS (from our 5.3 vs 6. shootout ep), and an American Powertrain Tremec TKX! Will this matter rev to 7500 and completely annihilate tires? Remain Tuned to find out!

The publish Generating 500HP with an $800 Greenback Junkyard Truck Motor And Then Throwing It, And A Tremec 5-Speed, In The 1964 Nova To Thrash! appeared to start with on