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Every classic car meet and show weve been to has been pretty chill, unlike some other car meets where the crowds can be a little sketchy sometimes. But a classic car meet in Portland, Oregon erupted in violence, with one man in a come after he was assaulted.

Florida classic car dealer apologizes to angry customers.

The assault happened back on February 24 but were just hearing about it now after The Oregonian covered it. According to the newspaper, authorities believe a fight began over a dispute about a classic car at the meet, with three suspects being hunted down by police.

Car meets are usually friendly gatherings where people of similar interests can connect and often forge long-lasting associations. This is especially true for the classic car crowd, at least most of the time.

Reportedly, police are looking for the three suspects who maybe connected to a vintage Chevy thats grey, blue, or green. The report also mentions a white truck with bright blue neon lights may be associated with the suspects or witnesses. Thats some pretty vague info, sadly.

From experience, we know any classic car meet of fairly substantial size is going to have a number of grey, blue, or green Chevrolets. We could assume theyre referring to a Tri Five, although the model isnt specified, and even that doesnt narrow things down all that much.

Police have said the assault happened at about 9:30 pm on the 900 block of Northwest 13th Avenue. Theyre hoping someone who was at that location at that time saw something and will step forward. Maybe someone even has footage, like their dashcam.

Thankfully, the victim, who hasnt been identified, was only in a coma for a week and it sounds like is expected to recover, although hes still hospitalized. But the assault could have been deadly.

Image via Portland Police Bureau/Facebook

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