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For good or bad, some people just like messing with cop cars. Sometimes its malicious with the culprit slashing tires or keying the doors, and other times its a little less distressful like someone pouring their cerveza down the side. But one brave citizen in Florida decided to go for an epic joke, placing a For Sale sign on the windshield of a deputys cruiser.

Fueled by road rage, man attacks teenagers at Florida gas station.

This little stunt went down in Charlotte County, which is in the southwestern portion of the peninsula. Instead of getting mad and trying to hunt down the culprit, the Charlotte County Sheriffs Office took to social media to crack a joke.

Posting on the official department Facebook page, the law enforcement agency expressed disappointment about the minimal interest the Ford Taurus Police Interceptor was attracting on the used car market. We can imagine people might have been a little timid to call the sheriffs department and ask how much they were asking for the vehicle.

While the department admitted the cruiser had high mileage and idled plenty while performing crime fighting duties, it also says the Ford has lots of life left. That could be, but were willing to bet by the time it goes to auction, it will make for a fine ride for a college student and thats about it.

The post admits the cruisers backseat comfort is horrible, which we can imagine it would be, and people whove ridden back there would probably confirm that to be true. But it points out that real friends sit shotgun. Thats very true.

Its great to see law enforcement agencies having a little bit of fun like this, even if someone else pulled the prank in the first place. But Charlotte County Sheriffs Office still wants to make clear even though it can joke, it doesnt want the public messing with its cruisers. After all, they need each one to have plenty of life left.

Image via Charlotte County Sheriffs Office

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