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Mysterious Submerged Car Reported Stolen

A mysterious car pulled out of a lake in Wisconsin has people talking, especially after the local sheriff’s office made an announcement about it. We’ve noticed the mystery surrounding vehicles which have sat undiscovered in a body of water is almost too much for some people.

A car dealership mogul has been accused of arson.

According to the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office, the vehicle it removed from Lake Holcombe on April 29 has been in the water for the past two decades. I was reported stolen in 1999, so we don’t know if it was driven around and used for a few years, then dumped, or if two decades is just some rough estimate.

Plenty of people are marveling at how complete the car is. Other than the windshield being busted out and the tires all being flat, it looks to be in incredible condition all things considered. One person on the official Facebook post even commented that it “has less rust than a new Chevy.” Ouch.

From other submerged cars, we know they do usually rust up like crazy a few days after being pulled from the water. So while this big sedan looks great freshly pulled from the lake, we doubt it’s still in a condition anywhere near the same.

On top of that, everyone seems to have a theory about how the stolen car ended up in the lake. Of course, the one that always immediately gets floated out is that the whole thing was insurance fraud. Someone couldn’t keep up with the payments or did want to bother selling the car, so either they themselves or someone they hired “stole” and dumped it in the lake.

It’s also possible the car was stolen for real, used to commit crimes like robbery, a drive-by shooting, or who knows what else, and then was dumped in the lake to destroy evidence.

We might never know the truth since Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office says there’s no active investigation into the car.

Image via Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office

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