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Light & Stylish

Derived from their SS1R-GT Monoblock racing wheel (engineered specifically for ultra-competitive IMSA and WEC GT3 racing), the Forgeline CF208 delivers the SS1R’s split six-spoke design combined with a revolutionary, proprietary, carbon-fiber barrel to deliver the ultimate in technological advancement, exclusive styling, and unparalleled performance. The CF208’s super-lightweight carbon-fiber barrel creates an attractive and visually distinctive rim that is 40 percent lighter than its aluminum equivalent, delivering a significant weight reduction to the wheel’s outer perimeter where it has the greatest reduction in unwanted inertia and yields real-world improvements to acceleration, braking, cornering traction, and ride quality.

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Vintage-Appearing Heads

Gen 1 small-block Chevy fans don’t have to choose between building a vintage-looking mill or a modern-day performance powerhouse—Trick Flow DHC 200 cylinder heads allow you to do both. They have exterior touches like straight spark plug holes, raised markings on the ends, and a choice of drilled accessory holes or no holes, just like the legendary OE double-hump heads. Hit them with a shot of Chevy orange paint and (almost) no one will be the wiser. But on the inside, it’s all Trick Flow modern CNC-ported goodness. Trick Flow DHC 200 Cylinder Heads fit Chevy 302, 327, 350, 400, and any stroker engine combo provided it has a minimum bore diameter of 4 inches.

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003 classic industries nova sill plates

Nova Sill Plate

Classic Industries announces the arrival of the new OER reproduction doorsill plate set for ’62-67 Chevy II and Nova four-door sedan and station wagon models. This quality reproduction doorsill set is manufactured in quality, automotive-grade, stamped aluminum replicating the original factory front and rear sill plates exactly. Each front doorsill plate features the “Body by Fisher” coach emblem riveted as original. Also included are chrome installation screws.

For more information, contact Classic Industries by calling (888) 816-2897 or visit

004 all american billet 1970 1972 billet hood latch

Billet Hood Latch

All American Billet’s ’70-72 Chevelle billet hood latches are a great way to dress up your engine compartment. They are a direct replacement for your stock latches and come complete with billet aluminum base, pilot bolt, retaining cup, pop-up spring, and stainless steel hardware. Offered in three finishes (machined, polished, and black anodized), these will help your engine compartment stand out.

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005 intellitroinix camaro gauge

Classic Style with Modern Functionality

Enhance your classic ’67-68 Chevy Camaro/Firebird with the Intellitronix Analog Gauge Panel. It features a sleek black polycarbonate subsurface with a brush stroke finish to seamlessly blend classic charm into your Camaro/Firebird with modern technology. Designed for easy installation, the gauge panel includes a speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, voltmeter, oil pressure gauge, and water temperature gauge. The speedometer can reach up to 160 mph and offers convenient one-button calibration, accommodating different tire sizes, gear ratios, and transmissions. Additionally, it provides functions like odometer, trip meter, high-speed recall, 0-to-60 time, and quarter-mile e.t.’s, all accessible with a simple push of a button.

For more information, contact Intellitronix by calling (440) 359-7200 or visit

006 custom autosound slidebar radio

Slidebar Radio

Custom Autosound’s ’67-72 Chevy Truck Slide Bar radio features a classic analog face that disappears to show a modern, digital radio offering the ultimate in classic style and modern features. It functions just like the bar did on original radios to change from AM to FM but instead it controls which face displays. The Slidebar radio features a digital tuner with 300 watts of power, a USB port, a CD changer controller, and built-in Bluetooth, and it fits in your stock dash location without any modifications required.

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001 classic instruments chevy g body gauges 696x464

G-Body Gauges

Classic Instruments released an all-new ’78-88 Chevy G-body direct-fit package. It is an all-electric cluster featuring a speedometer, tachometer, clock, and fuel, oil, temp, and volt gauges in an OE style. Hybrid LED lighting offers the feel of the original perimeter lighting and the visual benefits of backlighting. Turn signals and high-beam indicators are in the original locations and the kit includes new check engine and high-beam sockets with LED bulbs. The kit also includes a wiring harness, push-button speedometer calibration for ease of setup, a new acrylic lens, and built-in ECM signal filter switch.

For more information, contact Classic Instruments by calling (800) 575-0461 or visit

002 holley hilborn efi r manifold

Hilborn EFI

The Hilborn EFI-R manifold systems combine electronic fuel injection with the racing-born performance and aggressive looks of individual-runner engine induction. Included with each kit is a universal Terminator X EFI system, providing cutting-edge EFI technology. The Hilborn EFI-R systems are intended for the most serious, naturally aspirated performance enthusiast. Each kit comes with a CAN-USB tuning dongle, allowing you to tune your EFI system specifically for your engine via their free Terminator X EFI software. The engine valley covers are sold separately to allow the customer to choose the correct valley cover based on the engine deck height.

For more information, contact holley by calling (866) 464-6553 or visit

003 1967 chevy ss molding

SS Molding

Classic Industries announces the arrival of the new OER reproduction trunk lid molding originally installed on ’67 Chevy II Nova Super Sport models. This rear panel molding is manufactured in quality die-cast zinc replicating the original OE design. The panel installs on the trunk lid panel between the taillamps and features a brushed chrome background in the correct paint scheme along with a Bowtie emblem in the center and SS emblem.

For more information, contact Classic Industries by calling (888) 816-2897 or visit

004 1967 1969 camaro trunk hinges blk 005 1967 1969 camaro trunk hinges

Camaro Trunk Hinges

Just like their hood hinges, All American Billet’s first-gen Camaro trunk hinges are a great way to make your trunk compartment pop. They are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and engineered to operate smoothly. The hinges are manufactured to last and come with stainless steel gas springs and stainless steel hardware. They are sold in pairs and are offered in three finishes (machined, polished, and solid black anodized).

For more information, contact All American Billet by calling (844) 245-5381 or visit

006 summit racing pro ls turbo manifold

Turbo Manifold

Summit Racing’s Pro LS Turbo Manifold will make it simple to bolt a turbo to your LS. Cast from 304 stainless steel, the manifold has a “divided log” design with two mounts for 44- or 45mm wastegates. This design allows each wastegate to handle just one bank of cylinders to equalize exhaust flow and take the stress off the driver side cylinders. The manifold has a T4-style turbo flange but adapters are available for turbos with a V-band inlet flange. The Summit Racing Pro LS Turbo Manifold fits on the passenger side of the engine. It will clear the valve cover and coil wires, provides plenty of spark plug access, and is compatible with all LS engine exhaust port configurations.

For more information, contact Summit Racing by calling (800) 230-3030 or visit

007 mcleod racing tremec magnum xl transmission

Brute Strength

The Magnum XL is a continuation of the popular Magnum six-speed series transmission. Featuring all the most important content from the original Magnum, the XL retains its brute strength and sophistication but eliminates its multiple shifter locations and dual speedo outputs. Refinements include a new extended-length tail section designed to eliminate the semi-remote shifter found in many popular late-model applications. Designed specifically to replace the OEM five- or six-speed transmission where performance improvements are desired, the Magnum XL includes an SFI-approved steel bellhousing, crossmember, trans mount, isolated shifter, and shift ball.

For more information, contact McLeod Racing by calling (714) 630-2764 or visit

001 forgeline gb3C 696x696


Designed in collaboration with the renowned team at Goolsby Customs, the Forgeline GB3C wheel features a unique concave 12-spoke design with two alternating sets of spokes (six of each) with a deep scallop on the inside of the larger spoke and a flat reverse-lip outer. This wheel is available in both a deep concave profile (for the most striking appearance) and a shallow concave profile (to create a staggered look or to accommodate higher-offset applications). The GB3C is fully customizable in fitment and finish, including center lock applications.

For more information contact Forgeline by calling (800) 886-0093 or visit

002 1966 chevy grille

Repro Grille

Classic Industries announces the arrival of the new OER reproduction of the stamped aluminum upper and lower grille assemblies designed for use on66 Impala, Bel Air, Biscayne, and Caprice models. This grille set is reproduced to exact factory specifications using highquality aluminum material offering a fully original appearance and fit. This complete grille set includes the upper grille, lower grille with extensions, headlight bezels (pair), and eyebrow moldings (pair).

For more information, contact Classic Industries by calling (888) 816-2897 or visit

003 summit racing harness bar

Strap In

Summit Racing Seat Belt Bars are designed to keep your four-, five-, or six-point race harness at a 10 to 15degree angle to the shoulders to keep you safe and secure. The universal-fit bar mounts behind the front seats and has struts with threaded rod ends to attach the bar to your car’s factory seatbelt mounts. The bars are made from 1.50inchdiameter steel tubing and come with a black, red, or silver powdercoat finish. Hardware is included.

For more information contact Summit Racing by calling (800) 230-3030 or visit

004 detroit speed wiper motor

LowProfile Wiper Motor

Detroit Speed’s latest Selecta-Speed wiper kit provides the performance and convenience of a latemodel wiper system in a package that easily and cleanly mounts in your car. The wiper motor contains a lowprofile, seven-speed wiper motor with five delays, low speed and high speed, rotary switch, adapter plate, and wiring harness. The CNC aluminum adapter plate mounts the wiper motor to the stock firewall bolt pattern. The lowprofile wiper motor mounts to the firewall and clears the valve covers and brake booster.

For more information, contact Detroit Speed by calling (704) 662-3272 or visit

005 custom autosound sst v

Secret Audio

With Stealth Sound Technology the SST-V is equipped with Bluetooth for streaming and handsfree use of your cell phone. The SST-V is a 200-watt AM/FM radio with USB MP3/WMA flash drive, iPod control, CD control, and Satellite ready via Bluetooth auxiliary. The SST-V hideaway radio is designed to provide a classic car or truck with exceptional audio quality while leaving the original radio visible in the dash. The SST-V receiver/amplifier unit is usually hidden underneath the driver seat or behind the dashboard and integrates with the vehicle’s speaker system.

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006 special edition camaro book

Special Editions

Since its launch in 1967, the Camaro proved to be the perfect canvas for many kinds of special editions, and it has remained that way throughout six generations. In Camaro Special Editions: 1967–Present, author Matt Avery spotlights the most significant special editions and explores the pinnacles and highpoints of the model’s lineage. Beginning with the classics, the story is told of the venerable Z/28, the Corvette-sourced L89 and JL8, and the factory COPO zeniths, including the legendary ZL1. This 192-page book features 426 color photos and is a fantastic resource for celebrating the Camaro and its many storied special editions.

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