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QuikTrip Faceplants Trying To Make Solar Eclipse Joke

Some people mistakenly believe everyone who works for car-related businesses like dealerships and gas stations are at least casual gearheads. The sad truth is that’s often the furthest thing from the truth. This was exposed in hilariously glorious detail when QuikTrip tried making a Mitsubishi Eclipse joke on social media today.

Here’s an actual Mitsubishi Eclipse and it’s out for repossession.

The gas station chain, or at least a social media manager working for it, posted a photo of a clean-looking Mitsubishi 3000GT on its official Facebook page with the caption “BREAKING: rare photo of the Eclipse has been spotted at QuikTrip.”

That post was quickly taken down but we thankfully got a screen capture of it beforehand. People immediately mocked the complete lack of knowledge QuikTrip seems to have when it comes to Mitsubishis since someone over there thought a 3000GT was an Eclipse.

We get it, QuikTrip, all Mitsubishis look the same to you.

Maybe QuikTrip can’t even tell the difference between a Camry and a MK IV Supra. After all, they look the same or something.

Or maybe someone on the QuikTrip social media team has been staring directly at the sun, thus rendering them blind? That’s probably the kindest assumption we can make about this hilarious post.

Some feel disillusioned the company which provides gas for their vehicle, not to mention corn syrup for their belly, can’t correctly identify a Mitsubishi Eclipse. But we’re just not all that surprised.

The post was hilarious, for sure, but the fact is a lot of people who work in the auto industry or even auto-related companies often know little about cars. Some even loathe private vehicles, like the dog that bites the hand feeding it. It’s weird, but it’s also true.

Image via QuikTrip/Facebook

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