Puddin’s new Model A project sure is a good looking car, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some issues hiding below the skin. We’re looking forward to seeing this thing go from being a restoration to being a full blown traditional hot rod and in the third video he found some rust and had to start making repairs. Well, he’s back at it with more sheet metal replacement. This time he’s doing custom sheet metal floors, since these would have been wood originally.

Puddin’s Fab Shop is one of our regular haunts on YouTube and regulars to the channel will know that he’s had a Model A Ford sitting out behind his shop, waiting for its turn to get built. That’s why he called it the Someday Model A. But there have been some changes to the plan and that means another Model A is coming into the shop. You gotta check this out, because this is going to be one cool project for sure.

And do you prefer a full fendered hot rod or a fenderless hot rod?



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