We think running from police is a great way to make any bad situation worse. But even worse than that is to continue running even though it’s obvious you’re caught, which is what this Florida man does after deputies in Flagler County just shred the tires off his crossover.

The Domino’s delivery car never stood a chance.

First of all, the guy’s in the wrong kind of vehicle to be ditching police. Cop cars absolutely can keep up with and overtake a grocery getter like this. But the vehicle has been reported stolen and the guy inside seems determined to escape any consequences, so he runs anyway.

Instead of pitting this fleeing suspect out, one deputy gets ahead and successfully deploys Stop Sticks, puncturing both front tires. Still, the suspect continues trying to outpace his pursuers, maybe not even realizing his tires are done for.

But the guy finds out soon enough as the tires start disintegrating, forcing him to slow down to a crawl at 25 mph. Still, our suspect persists pushing the Chevy crossover.

Finally, he stops but as deputies approach, he’s able to get the traction on the slippery wheel rims and takes off again. Why he thinks he can get away is a mystery. And perhaps that’s the very problem: he’s not thinking at all, just doing.

Yet again he leads deputies on a low-speed pursuit as they follow and wait for the stolen vehicle to give out again.

But another deputy is able to deploy Stop Sticks yet again, hitting the passenger-side rear tire, which also starts disintegrating. We feel that most people would’ve given up long before and even the most stubborn, unhinged individuals would realize at this point the chase is over, but this guy keeps pushing it. Perhaps his mother told him he could do anything he wants as long as he puts his mind to it or some such thing?

Thankfully, the laws of physics don’t bend to such nonsense as the wheel rims on wet pavement causes the crossover to slide off onto the muddy shoulder and get stuck. But the guy keeps revving the engine, trying to get the Chevy moving again.

This turns into a standoff, proving the suspect just doesn’t want to admit when he’s caught.

By the way, the funniest part of the pursuit happens when a random Nissan Maxima blasts past the deputies and suspect as they’re slow rolling. That takes some serious cojones.

Image via CrimeCamNow/YouTube

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