Well the driver featured in the video had to be sore as hell the day after he competed in this race! As you’ll see, he crashes violently not once, but twice into the same section of the wall on the oval track. The first time is a pretty good shot, but the second one looks like an outtake from the old “Super Dave Osborne” show. We assume the guy is ok, making this footage funny as hell. By OK, we mean that while his spleen is probably liquid by the end, he currently leads a happy life…unless he continued his karting career. If that is the case, all bets are off.

See, the problem with crashing a go kart is the lack of a body, roll bar, seat belt, or anything else to prevent your being wouded badly. As you’ll see, there was great potential for this driver to have been mangled, or possibly killed if events went a little differently. We’re not saying that because we’re taking a shot at karting or think something was blatantly unsafe, it just is what it is. The driver knew the risks when he got in the thing and he knew they as he was headed toward the wall. What he didn’t know was how to prevent the same thing from happening twice in one race!

You’ve got to laugh at the first one though. He smacks the wall and as the kart is rolling backwards, he’s giving the “I’m good” wave to the crowd. He looks dazed. We can only imagine his thoughts as the kart came out from under him in the exact same spot on the track for the second time. We’re thinking that it was along the lines of, “Oh no, not this sh!t again!” BANG! Racing is hard and well, not for everyone. We hope this guy took the hint and came up with another hobby, like sprint car driving.


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