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Teens Ram Stolen Camaro Into California Deputies

Car thieves can get pretty desperate when cornered by police, especially some of the younger ones. Two teenagers who were caught in a stolen Camaro in San Benito County, California by deputies got desperate enough they rammed a cruiser and almost ran over a deputy and K9 trying to get away.

Watch a road rage driver PIT another car.

Some of the dashcam and bodycam footage from the chaotic incident was released by San Benito County Sheriff through the official Facebook page, which we’ve put below for you to see yourself.

We see the 17-year-old male driver go nose-to-nose with a deputy’s cruiser, a move which was stupid and shortsighted. After all, cruisers are outfitted with push bars and the Camaro has a soft nose. While he pushed the cop car, he could have easily done damage to the muscle car’s cooling system.

He also sped down the shoulder of a road, blasting by another cruiser just as a K9 and handler were getting out to extract him and the 18-year-old female from the Camaro. Slow motion in the video shows the driver almost ran the two over. We wonder if he realized that would’ve justified the use of deadly force against him.

Later, we see the Camaro stopped, steam or smoke (it’s hard to tell in the video) billowing out from the front of the Chevy muscle car as the driver surrenders to deputies. While walking backwards, hands on his head, the kid asks if deputies are going to rescue his girlfriend. Why did he take her on a police chase in a stolen vehicle if he was that concerned about her safety?

When the girl emerges, she has trouble walking thanks to a broken leg. Running from police comes with consequences.

The chase, which happened on March 22 at about 2 am, originally started with a stolen Corvette as well, which the girl was driving, according to the sheriff. During the chase, the girl ditched the ‘Vette and jumped into the Camaro with her boyfriend.

After ramming the cruiser, the male driver tried blacking out the Camaro to lose deputies. But without headlights he couldn’t stay on the rural road, crashing into a fence and phone pole. And that’s where deputies caught up with the two.

Now, they’re facing not only charges related to the theft of the two cars but also assault on a peace officer, felony evading, and conspiracy, among other charges.

Image via San Benito County Sheriff/Facebook

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