When you just take a typical C10 truck, deal with up some rust and shorten it up a bit, it&#8217s likely to be awesome. I imply it doesn&#8217t want considerably additional than that to be pleasurable, but that&#8217s not how Level 7 does it. Nope, these guys went all in and we&#8217re chatting about a custom No Restrict chassis, engine, trans, Forgelines, and a lot more, but all wrapped up in a stock looking wrapper and we like that. Check out out the complete element video clip below, together with some fun and &#8220spirited&#8221 driving shots.

If you dig common vehicles, you are heading to like this one. Delight in.

Degree 7&#8217s Movie Description:

In this function movie, we&#8217re getting an in-depth glimpse into Ol Yeller, one of our favourite builds to arrive out of the store. Check out it out and permit us know what you think!

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