Out of the countless police chase videos weve watched over the years, this one involving a blue Dodge Charger running from an Arkansas trooper is probably one of the most nail-biting. The suspect is just blasting down a pretty busy highway with the trooper close behind and there are so many close calls its amazing nobody innocent was hurt.

Cop pits suspects and is immediately shot. But he isnt out of the fight.

The pursuits already active when the trooper gets a call to help. We can see why his expertise is needed because the suspect is driving like a maniac. But he also has some skills, weaving through traffic most would find pretty much impassible, making liberal use of the shoulder.

Thankfully, our trooper is even more skilled. He stays not too far behind the blue Mopar but doesnt take all the same stupid risks as the fleeing suspect. Still, he gets hit by and rolls over some debris on the shoulder, which are a few of the code brown moments.

This suspect does that dumb thing we see so many do, swerving only slightly and rapidly so the back end of the Dodge starts shaking as if its some hyperactive parakeet. We assume these people who are stupid enough to run from police also think that somehow psyches out the cops, but it doesnt unless the pursuers are rookies.

After pulling that little stunt, he gets off on an exit extra early, then tries to turn left onto the overpass. The guy slows down and comes to a stop before that, which is when the trooper capitalizes on his mistake to PIT the Charger and stop the foolishness before someone innocent gets hurt.

People are amazed the suspect is 53-years-old. Yeah, he should know better, but we know people who are even older and still super immature and dumb. Age doesnt always mean wisdom, folks.

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube

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